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Hello, world.
Trying out mastodon largely as I wanted to somewhere to post my learning to draw drawings, and increasingly annoyed that everyone's content is tied up in user-hostile walled gardens.
I guess given that I have the capability to host my own I should be the change I want to see. Even if it does mean I might just be speaking to myself.

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Mastodon, can we play a game?

You describe an animal badly, and I draw exactly what you described.

(Do not tell me what the animal is. I will not try to guess. Please tell me AFTER I finish the drawing.)

Attached is a blue whale as my 6yo son described it. Want more? Reply with a description of your own!

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This interactive comic on memorizing things is really something else

It might be something I could even do, since my life runs on index cards...

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Micro-action my friend in Canada did. She would be happy if you copied it :)

Halloween carving evening at work. (Traditional, modern & experimental.)

Low and high tides. I miss living by the sea.

Upgraded to a new and shiny mastodon. Far more painful that expected. Software versions: the cause of all pain and suffering.

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Torchwood S01E12: Captain Jack Harkness Show more

Just been to a talk explaining that not everyone hates moral philosophers. This is why I love . Also .

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Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch

A very good, non-technical argument for why Mastodon is better than Twitter, from @codesections

At . So far I've heard about killing threads, calling rust from python and about to hear about contributing to Open Source.

No drawing in a while, I've lost the habit since returning to work. That doesn't mean no creativity.

How do I draw the assumption that everyone is American and has the same cultural references?

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Just a personal instance to experiment with Mastodon.