Plus my phone seems to be encrusted with glitter now. It may not take great selfies, but at least it looks great.

Two great shows by in the same week! (Dublin and London) Such amazing performers, if you have a chance to see them live, do!

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They left handprints on the cave wall.
They wrote their names in cuneiform, in ogham, in runes and glyphs and letters.
To say: I was here.
I exist.

@h2g2bob "Prepare volume #2 for ‘foo.tar’ and hit return:" :)

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It's a great time to read Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air, an easy to read book asking if/how we can stop using fossil fuels. There are great ballpark estimates, which make the huge numbers instantly understandable. Free pdf.

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twitter being down is no big deal they can just use the other instances

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I now run a service which helps you diagnose slow queries in PostgreSQL. It makes a diagram from the query planner output, helping you see which bit is slow. #postgres #sql

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"Tell a story!"
"There once was, on distant Earth-"
"No, a real story!"
"Hush. Earth was real, and full of children asking for stories, just like you."
"Really. They looked different, back then, but they, too, loved stories."
"So they were people?"
"They were people."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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*Main> groupSnd [(1, 'a'), (2, 'b'), (3, 'a')]

Not quite unchanged, but the type of the function would be weird if it was.

@WAHa_06x36 I'm not seeing that. Unless you mean that ordering? In which case it's fine.

This is straight-forward enough in Haskell:

groupSnd :: Eq t => [(a, t)] -> [([a], t)]
groupSnd = map f . groupBy (\x y -> snd x == snd y)
where f group = (map fst group, snd $ head group)

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Here's an interesting perspective: Code Is Not Literature

It addresses a puzzle:

> [So many programmers say], “People should read code” but few people seem to actually do it. I’d be surprised if I interviewed a novelist and asked them what the last novel they had read was, and they said, “Oh, I haven’t really read a novel since I was in grad school.” Writers actually read other writers but it doesn’t seem that programmers really do, even though we say we should.

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