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How do I draw the assumption that everyone is American and has the same cultural references?

Definitely couldn't live without the sun. It would be tough without trees and the sea.

Stalled trying to think of treasures for a few days.
It's the terrace of the beautiful apartment capitis in hvar, Croatia. It is a treasure.

how am I supposed to choose just one book out of all the amazing books. Hyperion is seriously good though.

Paler colours are challenging. I think shape and composition are hard, especially with no undo available. Building up colours is slow, some of the richer drawings took forever.

And that's the chapter done. 31 drawings in 37 days. Next up: "favourite things" in metallic gel pens.
Loved working with colour this month, especially building up rich dark colours with layering. Liked learning more about seeing shadow and light. Also, the difference between drawing from life, photos and imagination. I feel the improvement over the month. Colouring pencils are a great medium that I'll come back to. I'll miss colour, which I don't get for several months now.

it was absolutely necessary to make guacamole to draw this. Still struggling with pale colours - think I need to go much darker than I think to get enough contrast.

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