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Upgraded to a new and shiny mastodon. Far more painful that expected. Software versions: the cause of all pain and suffering.

Just been to a talk explaining that not everyone hates moral philosophers. This is why I love . Also .

At . So far I've heard about killing threads, calling rust from python and about to hear about contributing to Open Source.

No drawing in a while, I've lost the habit since returning to work. That doesn't mean no creativity.

How do I draw the assumption that everyone is American and has the same cultural references?

Definitely couldn't live without the sun. It would be tough without trees and the sea.

Stalled trying to think of treasures for a few days.
It's the terrace of the beautiful apartment capitis in hvar, Croatia. It is a treasure.

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A mastodon instance for anyone who likes green, purple, any colour that can be mixed from green or purple, or any colour that can be used to mix green or purple.

Just a personal instance to experiment with Mastodon.